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5 Hidden Gems Of Okanagan Lake

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Take your rental boat or paddleboard rental to one of these hidden gems.

Take your rental boat or paddleboard rental to one of these hidden gems.

There was once a time when the Okanagan was considered a hidden gem. Well, the secrets out, Kelowna Tourism is on the map and is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Canada. With the expansive Lake Okanagan, it's no wonder people want to spend their days on the water. 

People set out on Okanagan Lake for various reasons, mainly to soak up the sun and live the Okanagan lifestyle. If you are visiting the Okanagan, you may not know of some "not so hidden" hidden gem spots you can view as you cruise the lake. Some even allow you to dock and explore! Whether you are enjoying a Seadoo rental, paddleboard rental, or boat rental, we've got a list of beautiful areas to check out.

Paul's Tomb

Historically Paul's Tomb is the resting place of an original settler of Kelowna and his wife. Today, it's known for its beauty and is a peaceful place to spend some time by the water. Accessible by water or footpath, Paul's Tomb is located on the North Kelowna shoreline. It has places to anchor your boat, picnic tables, and washrooms. 

Rattlesnake Island

Located directly across from Peachland, Rattlesnake Island is a perfect spot to take your boat rental. Nicknamed Monster Island, legend says the island is home to the Ogopogo. More realistically speaking, it's a small island once owned by an idealistic businessman. He had plans to turn the island into an Arabian-themed island but never came to fruition after the city shut it down. Rattlesnake Island's land and shore are now part of Okanagan Mountain Park.

Traders Cove

Traders Cove is accessible by car via Westside Road and by water. If you rent a boat in Kelowna, this is a must place to cruise over and spend a few hours or a day. Traders Cove is 13.5 hectres in size, has two swim bays, a playground, buoys to tie your boat to, and expansive green space to have a picnic. 

Pritchard Park

Kelowna is known for numerous wineries, but what about a park that sits below one of the most famous ones. When sourcing out boats for rent, put Pritchard Park on your list of stops. There are volleyball courts, picnic tables, and bathrooms. For the adults in the group, you can journey up the hill and enjoy a glass of wine at the stunning Mission Hill Winery.


Although it's not a place like the ones listed above, Peachland is a must-see. It's a quaint town where Beach Ave. runs along the water and is located between West Kelowna and Summerland. Grab your rental boat and head on over. There are lots of spots for you to dock the boat to hop out, do a little shopping, and grab a pastry and the delicious Bliss Bakery

 There you have it, our top spots on Lake Okanagan that are a must-see and accessible by your boat rental!

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