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Not Getting a Boat Rental in Kelowna? Wakeboard and Sea-Doo Instead!

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Enjoy the sun and the surf on Okanagan Lake this summer with wakeboard and Sea-Doo rentals from Downtown Marina Kelowna.

Enjoy the sun and the surf on Okanagan Lake this summer with wakeboard and Sea-Doo rentals from Downtown Marina Kelowna.

How can your family make waves and amazing memories in the Okanagan this summer? Dart across the lake with both kids behind you on a Sea-Doo rental, or get behind a tow boat and surf the waves on a wakeboard.

Whether you live in the valley or you’re here on holidays, the Kelowna boat rentals at Downtown Marina make your summer one to remember when you hit the lake on a wakeboard or a Sea-Doo.  

Here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to love about both of these water adventures.


Sea-Doo Rentals

Fast, affordable fun. More fun than your friends or family have had in a long, long time. Sea-Doo is the perfect watercraft for all ages to experience the thrills of the lake.


What makes Sea-Doo rentals so popular?

Speed. Sea-Doos can reach speeds of up to 80km/h, letting you enjoy all the excitement of racing on the lake in a watercraft that’s also nimble and stable. If you want to let your teenagers try driving, you can use the learning key that limits speed for novice Sea-Doo drivers. You’ll also enjoy the sport, eco and cruise mode settings for a ride that’s just right for you.  

Easy controls. Pull back the throttle as well as brake and reverse with simple push buttons at your fingertips for extra control.

Space. Our Sea-Doo rentals have seating for three. The Sea-Doo GTI 130 model we offer allows the third person to face the back and spot anyone you might be towing on a tube. There’s also a huge swim platform at the back that’s great for diving into the water.

Towing. Give the kids the thrill of their little lives bouncing over waves behind the Sea-Doo with a conveniently located hook for towing.


Wakeboard Rentals

Why do people love wakeboarding on Okanagan Lake?

It’s crazy fun. If you love waterskiiing or snowboarding, you’re bound to love wakeboarding, the water sport that lets you surf over high-powered waves hurled at you by one of our Kelowna wakeboard boat rentals.

On the expansive Okanagan Lake, you’ve got all the room you need to either learn how to wakeboard or practice your tricks at high speeds and on huge wakes. When you rent a boat with a pro ballast and room for as many as 17 people, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.