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Boat Slips & Moorage: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Before docking your boat at downtown boat slips, check out some of these frequently asked questions first.

Before docking your boat at downtown boat slips, check out some of these frequently asked questions first.

If you’re the proud owner of a boat, you may find yourself sometimes looking for a place to dock your boat when you’re enjoying a sunny Okanagan day on the water. Whether you want to grab some lunch at your favourite downtown Kelowna restaurant or just grab a few things onshore, boat slips located downtown can be really helpful.

Before heading over to your favourite marina in search of a place to tie up for a few hours, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to make sure you’re in the know during your next pit stop.


When can I check in for overnight moorage?

If you plan on mooring your boat for the evening, a slip will be reserved for you from 3 PM on the day requested to 12 PM the following day.


When I dock my boat for the evening, can I sleep on my boat while it’s tied up?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow anyone to spend the night on the boat once it’s been moored for the evening. It’s actually against the law. There are a number of safety concerns that come along with spending the night on a boat, so we do not allow this to ensure our clients’ safety. There are some beautiful hotels in downtown Kelowna that you can stay at instead.


What’s the overnight rate for renting boat slips

Boat slips and overnight moorage are determined according to the length of your boat. The current rate for overnight moorage is $3.10 per foot per night. The rate is also tax applicable.


Can I park my boat for just a few hours during the day?

Absolutely! The rate for 30 minutes or less is $5. If you need an hour, the rate is $10. If you need more time than an hour, each additional hour is only $5.


How do I pay for daily/hourly parking?

Once you arrive at the marina and dock in a slip, you’ll find a parking meter on the dock. Simply select the amount of time you’d like to stay for, pay using cash or credit, and tape the ticket to the windshield. Don’t worry – we’ve got some tape for you to use.


If I know in advance that I’ll need a boat slip for my weekly boat rental for a few hours during the day, can I reserve a spot?

Unfortunately our day parking is offered on a first come, first served basis. However, if you plan on docking your boat overnight, you must reserve a slip in advance.


Can I tie up anywhere on the dock?

For daily parking, you must park on the south side of the main dock. If a slip has a reserved sign, you can’t park there either. If you’ve reserved a slip for overnight moorage, we will assign you a slip once you arrive.


Is there access to a fuelling station? 

Yes, there is. If you’re in need of boat fuel, our marina has a floating fuel station that offers snacks, merchandise, sundries, and cold refreshments.


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If you’re looking for a marina Kelowna boaters absolutely love, check out Downtown Marina. We’re a full service marina conveniently located downtown. Besides offering a fuelling station and boat slips, we can also hook you up with a great boat rental for the day or week.