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Debunking Boat Rental Myths

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Enjoy the best of Lake Okanagan by renting a boat and spending a day on the water.

Enjoy the best of Lake Okanagan by renting a boat and spending a day on the water.

Summer is arguably the best season, especially when you spend it in the Okanagan. Residents of the valley live for the lake life, while many tourists from all corners of the world come to experience it. Everyone desires to be floating on Lake Okanagan during those hot summer days and into the evenings. It's easier than you think. All you need to do is rent a boat in Kelowna. Renting boats can be intimidating for some, and we're here to debunk some common myths about boat rentals.

Rental Boats Are Expensive

In the grand scheme of things, renting a boat isn't expensive compared to other Kelowna Tourism activities. When you make a day of hitting the wine trails of the Okanagan, it can work out to be more costly than a day on the water. Yes, it's more expensive than a paddleboard rental, but you can fit the whole family with a boat rental.

Driving A Boat Is Hard

If you can drive a car, you can drive a boat, so they say. There are different safety hazards on Lake Okanagan than on the roads, but if you pay attention, you'll feel like a professional in no time. Don't fret; there isn't a massive test or a year with a learner's license before you can captain a rental boat. The friendly staff at the Downtown Marina will give you a "crash course" on driving the boat.

Boating Is Boring

If you're on a family vacation, it's pretty much guaranteed that kids will say everything is boring, including boating. We're here to tell you that it's one of the best activities to do with family and friends. Prove your kids wrong and rent a boat in the Okanagan, and they will see it's more than just sitting on the water. You can listen to music, have food, jump in for a swim, and get behind the boat for fun watersports.

You Must Own A Boat

This isn't a myth about boat rentals, but many will tell you that owning a boat is the only way. Wrong! The cost of ownership for a boat is huge, and depending on your lifestyle and schedule, you may not see the value, even if you live in Kelowna. Don't forget the cost of storage, maintenance, and the time spent pulling it in and out of the lake! If you just want a few days out on the water a year, the rentals downtown for boats is easy and convenient. All you need to do is book ahead and bring your friends.

Whether you are visiting the Okanagan or call it home, take the opportunity to rent a boat. If a boat isn't for you, but you still want to get on the water, stop at Downtown Marina to inquire about Seadoo rentals or paddleboard rentals. We have a tonne of options to best fit your next lakeside adventure.

Downtown Marina Kelowna loves the lake life and wants its passion to be accessible to all. Located in the heart of downtown, getting on the lake has never been more convenient. Contact us today to learn more or to reserve a boat rental.