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Fuel Up & Moor Downtown

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Downtown Marina makes moorage easy, placing visitors within steps of the city’s marquee attractions.

Downtown Marina makes moorage easy, placing visitors within steps of the city’s marquee attractions.

You might be a tourist. You might be a local. Either way, there’s a good chance that part of your summer will be spent visiting downtown Kelowna. That’s a good thing because there’s no better place to be when the sun is shining. If you want to explore the city in true Okanagan style, use the Kelowna boat moorage services at Downtown Marina and then head out on foot to your favourite summer hotspots.


Located just steps from City Park and the Bernard Avenue shopping corridor, mooring here puts you right where all of the action is. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, or idling endlessly while the throngs of pedestrians use the crosswalks.


Your One-stop Shop

As the only full-service boat fuel station on the downtown waterfront, Downtown Marina is the most convenient moorage option. There are a few other boat gas stations across the lake, and in the Mission, but that’ll just waste your precious vacation time.


If you’re a little low on fuel, you can top-up before heading back out on the water. Plus, we carry all of the must-have snacks and accessories for a fun-filled day of boating, including:

  • Sun Bum Sunscreen
  • Rip Curl clothing
  • Coca-Cola products


We also carry a heat-busting array of ice cream snacks, as well as ice for the cooler.


Switch It Up

With such easy access to an amazing lake, Kelowna residents love spending time on the water. It’s even better when you own your own boat:

  • It’s there whenever you want to use it
  • You know exactly how it’ll perform
  • You can invite friends, family and children


However, there are plenty of other boats available that you might want to take for a spin. For instance, you might love your bow-rider for cruising around the lake, but it might not have the ballast capacity needed to create a fat wake for surfing.


One way around that is to rent a tournament boat for a day, such as the exquisite MasterCraft XT21. You could moor your boat at the marina while you’re out playing. Or try out a Sea-Doo.


For more about boat rentals, read our post: Multi-day Boat Rental: Live Like a Local While on Vacation.


The Ultimate Traffic Solution

If there’s one knock against Kelowna, it’s the traffic. The city’s doing a decent job of widening Harvey Avenue (Highway 97), but with the bridge traffic, it can still get fairly congested during peak travel periods.


If you live (or are renting a summer home) on the lake, you can forego the traffic by hopping in your boat and mooring at our marina. How’s that for a commute?



If you’re looking Kelowna boat moorage along the downtown waterfront, check out Downtown Marina. With quality boat rentals, marine fuel and an onsite convenience store, we have all of your boating needs taken care of.