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Kelowna Boat Rentals on Okanagan Lake—Popular Destinations

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When you hit the water in your Kelowna boat rental, you think you’ll never want to stop. The speed, the splashes, and the shrieks from your passengers can be quite a thrill. After a while, though, you might want to use facilities or eat some fresh local fare at one of the many lakeside patios in the area.

So, where are some of the best places to dock boat rentals on Lake Okanagan?


Ogopogo Rattlesnake Island near Kelowna

Photo by Brian Sprout /

Rattlesnake Island

To some of the locals in Peachland, just south of Kelowna, this is ‘Ogopopo Island’ – home to that infamous sea creature rumoured to live in Okanagan Lake. Accessible only by boat or Sea Doo, Rattlesnake Island is frequented by boaters looking for a spot to float for a while.


The Cove

Stunning views, a waterfront patio and delectable signature fare are just some of the things on tap at The Cove Lakeside Resort. Basking in the sun near some of the Kelowna area’s most popular wineries, The Bonfire restaurant at The Cove grows its own vegetables, including 75 tomato varieties. Since it’s not far from downtown Kelowna and you’ll find amazing food, The Cove’s dock is a popular stop for locals and tourists in Kelowna boat rentals. 


Hotel Eldorado dock

Grab some lunch at The Hotel Eldorado.

The Eldorado

Fuel the tank in your belly before you head back out onto the water with lunch or a snack at The Hotel Eldorado. This historic hotel and landmark near Downtown Marina Kelowna offers a place to dock your boat while you dine at the boardwalk, the bar or the dining room. See and be seen!


Lake Okanagan Resort

A haven for vacationers and boaters alike, Lake Okanagan Resort offers guests looking for a few minutes on land the impressive Vantage Pointe Restaurant & Patio. Vantage Pointe, as you might guess, offers spectacular views and food.


Summerland Yacht Club

Summerland Yacht Club

If you’ve got a bit more time with your boat rental to explore the wonders of Lake Okanagan, the Summerland Yacht Club is a great place for a pit stop. On weekends, you can dine on the patio or take a break from the sun inside the Club House restaurant.

If you’re renting a boat for a full day and you feel like really getting to know Okanagan Lake, take the trip to the tip of the lake and dock at the Blue Heron Restaurant in Vernon, or coast your way through wine country en route to Penticton or Naramata. 


Enjoy Okanagan Lake from the water and waterfront patios with boat rentals from Kelowna Downtown Marina.