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Kelowna Boats: The Best Way to Experience the Okanagan

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Downtown Marina boasts 68 marina slips for Kelowna boats right in the heart of the city’s downtown area.

Downtown Marina boasts 68 marina slips for Kelowna boats right in the heart of the city’s downtown area.

If you live in the Okanagan, you know waterfront real estate is at a premium. For those fortunate—and rich—enough to afford a slice of beachfront, mooring Kelowna boats isn’t really a problem. For the rest of us, a boat ramp is the method of choice for getting on and off Okanagan Lake.

However, there are times when boaters from all walks of life—even those with private moorage—choose to make use of the temporary marina slips at Downtown Marina in Kelowna. Here are a few examples of how convenient moorage access can enhance your outing on Okanagan Lake:



If you have a buddy who wants to meet you after they get off work to head out on the lake, Downtown Marina’s central location offers an ideal pickup/drop-off point. And as long as you’re not tying up, it’s a free service.



For groups that have spent time soaking up sun on Kelowna boats, sometimes it’s nice to get off the water to relax with a nice meal and beverage at any of the tantalizing restaurants just a short walk away from the marina slips. Once you’ve recharged your batteries, you can head back out for more fun on the water.


Park It

Sometimes the Okanagan sun can be overwhelming, even out on the refreshing waters of the lake. Kelowna’s City Park is a quick jaunt away and it offers plenty of shade for those seeking refuge from the sun.



If you’re entertaining guests who don’t live in the Okanagan, one way to give them the complete Kelowna experience is to spend part of the day boating on the water and then hitting dry land for some sightseeing in the downtown core.


Slip on in for a Visit to Downtown Kelowna

With 68 temporary moorage slips available—including a handful of spaces that can accommodate vessels up to 42 feet in length—Downtown Marina can handle pretty much any boat you’ll find on Okanagan Lake. Short-term tie-up rates start at 30 minutes and are then billed on hourly intervals after that. There are also nightly and weekly rates available for those looking to spend a little time on the water without the hassle of having to continually launch their Kelowna boats.


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Make your Kelowna adventure an amphibious one by boating on Okanagan Lake and then setting out on foot in the downtown tourist area. Downtown Marina offers convenient temporary mooring for Kelowna boats and other services, including: marine fuel, snack shop and boat and Sea-Doo rentals.