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Seadoo Rentals: The Ultimate Okanagan Lake Adrenaline Experience

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Renting a Kelowna self storage locker will help you keep track of your possessions while you're away from school on summer break.

Renting a Kelowna self storage locker will help you keep track of your possessions while you're away from school on summer break.

Okanagan Lake is a mecca for summer fun, and right in the middle of it all is Kelowna, the region’s largest city. One of the most exciting and convenient ways to explore this glorious body of water is with Kelowna Seadoo rentals from Downtown Marina. And with seating for up to three people, you can either venture out with a few friends, or for the full experience make it a solo mission.

Similar to that unencumbered feeling you get when riding a motorcycle, there is an experience of pure freedom when you zip across Okanagan Lake on Kelowna Seadoo rentals (and they’re safer than their two-wheeled counterparts too). The versatility of these machines lets you play any way you want to—you can turn on a dime and bob and weave as you play around your own wake, or you can go flat out as you hightail it across the lake.


Three Reasons Why Renting a Seadoo is the Simple Option

1. Safe and Easy to Use

With simple controls, operating a Seadoo quickly becomes second nature. These personal watercraft are extremely well balanced, so there’s no real risk of falling off—unless your intention is to cool off in the serene waters of Okanagan Lake on a hot, sunny day.


2. Renting vs Owning

Owning a Seadoo might seem like a fantastic idea, that is until you realize all of the upkeep they require. Not only does it involve a sizeable investment up front, you have to consider things like storing, hauling, winterizing, and insuring them. To rent one, you simply show up at Downtown Marina, fill out some paperwork, take the tutorial and away you go.


3. Fun, Fun, and More Fun

If you’re looking for a unique way to see Okanagan Lake, then Kelowna Seadoo rentals are the thing for you. As mentioned, you can romp around to your heart’s content, but you can also use them to cruise the gorgeous lakefront properties to see how the other half lives, or you can seek out some of the lake’s hidden beaches. Some people prefer to find a quiet place out in the middle of the lake and soak up the sun while taking the occasional dip to cool off.

Whether you’re from out of town, or live right here in the Central Okanagan, Kelowna Seadoo rentals are an exhilarating way to see this treasured lake. At 160 kilometres long, you’re not going to see it all, so learn about some of the hot spots by reading this post: Kelowna Boat Rentals on Okanagan Lake: Popular Destinations.


Turn your sightseeing excursion of Okanagan Lake into a real adventure with Kelowna Seadoo rentals. Call or email our friendly customer service staff to learn about rental packages.