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The MasterCraft XT21 is a terrific option for those who want to rent a wakeboard boat with the high-end performance.

The MasterCraft XT21 is a terrific option for those who want to rent a wakeboard boat with the high-end performance.

Renting a car and renting a boat serve two entirely different purposes when you’re on vacation. The former is merely a means of transportation, getting you from Point A to Point B. A boat, on the other hand, is designed purely for your enjoyment and excitement.

In other words, the boat is the attraction!

 Best of all, there are different boats for different applications and budgets. Some are designed for touring Okanagan Lake, while others are equipped with everything you need for towed water sports like:

  • Wakesurfing
  • Waterskiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Wakeskating

You just have to choose which one is best for you and this article will help you do just that. 


Bowrider Bliss

If all you want to do is get out on the water with some friends and you’re not too worried about generating a monster wake, then a bowrider is an option that provides a combination of performance and value. 

Our entry-level Chaparral H2O series is the perfect example of this. Ranging anywhere from 18 to 21 feet, with room for anywhere from seven to 12 passengers, these watercraft are ideal for inexperienced boaters. These models even come equipped with a tower, giving you the option to try wakeboarding. 

If you’re looking for something with a little more comfort and refinement, Cobalt offers a range of models, including the 11-passenger 200S and the spectacular 16-passenger 276. The latter has a number of desirable performance features, including:

  • Superior handling in choppy water
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Cruising speed of 50 mph


Leisure Time on the Lake

There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow when renting a boat on the lake. In fact, some would argue that bobbing about on a pontoon boat is the epitome of the Okanagan lifestyle. 

Models like the South Bay 525E have everything you need for a good time, including:

  • Space for up to 14 passengers
  • Bar table
  • Retractable overhead canopy

Otherwise, the Solaris 250, with room for up to 17, offers an efficient layout that includes a pair of rear-facing chaise lounge couches. It’s the ideal place to host social gatherings for:

  • Birthdays
  • Work functions
  • Reunions


Power to Perform

Sometimes referred to as Lamborghinis on water, performance towboats (commonly called wakeboard boats) represent the pinnacle of excitement. Our brand new fleet of MasterCraft XT Series boats feature crossover capabilities, ensuring you have just as much fun wakeskating as you do wakesurfing or tubing. 

Other key features in this series include:

  • Excellent ballast capacity
  • Gen 2 Surf System
  • Tower with speakers


Spirited Sea-Doos 

Sea-Doo rentals are one of the most exciting ways to explore Okanagan Lake. Just be prepared to get a little wet. They’re simple to operate and highly manoeuvrable, which makes them a ton of fun for anyone looking for an adrenaline-pumping ride.


If you’re going to be in Kelowna for awhile, why not Live Like a Local with a Multi-day Boat Rental


Whether you want to cruise, putter or play, Downtown Marina has a boat rental for you. Call us to learn more about our impressive fleet at 250-763-5599.