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For Marina Fuel Kelowna Boaters Find Convenient, Head over to Downtown Marina

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For marina gas Kelowna boaters fill up on before heading out on Okanagan Lake, pull up to the pump at Downtown Marina.

For marina gas Kelowna boaters fill up on before heading out on Okanagan Lake, pull up to the pump at Downtown Marina.

So you’re ready for an epic outing on Okanagan Lake. The weather is glorious, your boat is cleaned and polished inside and out, and you’ve got your wakeboards, tube and all of your other toys packed. But shoot, you forgot to fill up with marine fuel Kelowna boats need to perform at peak levels. 

You could swing by a gas station to fill up along the way, but there are a few things you should first consider:


Does it Sell Marine Fuel Okanagan Boaters Trust?

Generally speaking, the higher the octane rating a fuel has, the more it’ll help improve your boat’s engine performance. Many boat experts would agree that a 91 octane rating is sufficient for exceptional performance. However, fuel that is left to sit too long in the storage tank will start to drop in quality. If the gas station you’re filling up at doesn’t sell marine fuel Kelowna boat owners use frequently, it could be of a lower standard.


Maneuverability and Mayhem on the Weekend

Chances are your outing on the lake is going to occur on a weekend. Make certain that if you’re going to fill up at a gas station that you can actually maneuver through the parking lot. It can be tricky to negotiate a small, or poorly designed, parking lot with a boat trailer when there’s a lot of traffic and pedestrians blocking your way.


Fuel up Before Heading out on the Water

If you’re launching your boat at one of the Kelowna-area launches, it’s always a good idea to double and triple check your fuel levels before heading out. The last thing you want to do is get half way across the lake and scratch your head in wonderment as your boat mysteriously powers down.

Centrally located in the heart of the city, Downtown Marina offers 91 octane marina fuel Kelowna boat operators fill up with before heading out on the lake. If you notice your fuel levels starting to wane halfway through your day, you can stop to refuel more than just your boat. The marina shop also offers:

  • Snacks
  • Refreshments
  • Sun screen
  • Other sundries

While you’re at the marina, check out some of other services on offer such as Sea-Doo rentals. For more information on these thrilling water rockets, read: Kelowna Seadoo Rentals: The Ultimate Okanagan Lake Adrenaline Experience


You could also take advantage of the marina’s short term tie up service so you and your party can head inland for a meal at any one of the dozens of amazing downtown Kelowna restaurants.


Looking for a fast and reliable fuel source for your boat? Downtown Marina offers on-the-water convenience of marina fuel Kelowna boat drivers pull up to the pump for.