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Day Moorage: A Place to Tie up and Top up Your Boat in Kelowna

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A Kelowna marina is a convenient place where boaters can refuel and take advantage of day moorage facilities to take a break from the water.

A Kelowna marina is a convenient place where boaters can refuel and take advantage of day moorage facilities to take a break from the water.

Your boat is clean, waxed and ready to go. Okanagan Lake is calm and you can already envision yourself frolicking on the wake behind your towboat. In your eagerness, you forgot to check your fuel levels. But don’t worry. There is a Kelowna marina right downtown that offers helpful services such as day moorage and boat gas.

Forgetting to check your fuel tank (or blindly assuming you’ve got enough for a day on the lake) happens more than you’d think. And once they’re out on the water, many boaters don’t always know where to find boat fuel on Okanagan Lake. This can lead to a premature end to what could have been a fantastic day.

Worse yet, if you run out of gas, you could end up having to:

  • Paddle to shore
  • Pray someone can offer you a tow
  • Drift aimlessly

Thankfully, places like Downtown Marina are there to prevent scenarios like this from happening.


The Easy Way to Fuel Up

Driving around town with your boat in tow looking for an accessible gas station on a busy summer weekend can be a trying experience. You often have to deal with:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Inconsiderate drivers
  • Small gas station parking lots

Rather than contend with the congestion and tight spaces, you might be better off launching your boat and filling up on the water. Many Kelowna moorage facilities offer boat gas rated at 91-octane, which is what your engine needs for optimal performance.

Plus the earlier you launch, the better chance you have of finding a spot to leave your boat and trailer. While you’re topping up the tank you can save time by loading your boat with the things you’ll need:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Coolers
  • Towels
  • Clothes 

If you happened to forget sunscreen, bottled water or other necessities, your Kelowna marina will have it available for purchase.


Take a Break with Day Moorage

Even for the most ardent thrill seekers, spending an entire day out on the water without stopping can be a challenge. Many boaters break up their outings on Okanagan Lake by coming in to shore so they can:

  • Find a bathroom
  • Get out of the sun for a bit
  • Sit down for a meal
  • Top up with boat fuel
  • Reload refreshments
  • Drop off or pick up passengers 

With day moorage, you can do all of that and then head back out on the water when you’re ready. Affordable rates and secure moorage mean you can tie up at your Kelowna marina and explore the downtown area. 

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Looking for a Kelowna marina that offers full service, including day moorage, boat fuel and refreshments? Come and check out Downtown Marina. We’re on Bernard Avenue, right at the northeast corner of City Park.