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Which Boat: Wakeboard Boats Kelowna Locals Use, or a Cruising Watercraft?

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Renting a Kelowna self storage locker will help you keep track of your possessions while you're away from school on summer break.

Renting a Kelowna self storage locker will help you keep track of your possessions while you're away from school on summer break.

When you’re on holiday in Kelowna, the question is not, ‘Should we check out Kelowna boat rentals?’ The question is, to wakeboard or not to wakeboard?

As you’re standing on the Downtown Marina pier with the almost endless Lake Okanagan at your feet, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to opt for the sort of 415 horsepower surf-hurling wakeboard boats Kelowna natives prefer. But perhaps you’re after more of a tranquil experience, and that’s nice too.

Here’s our handy guide to determining which is the right boat for you to explore Lake Okanagan.


Consider the kind of wakeboard boats Kelowna locals opt for if:

You’re up for some serious wake or surf. Whether you’re a first-timer with a thirst for adventure or you’ve been dying to practice your tricks on Kelowna waters, our line of wakeboard boats give you everything you need to enjoy the waves.

We’ve got an amazing line-up of wakeboard boats with serious ballast (up to 3,000 pounds) to hurl the heaviest waves and surfs you’ve ever seen, never mind touch screens and personal surf settings.


You’ve got a big group. One of the other reasons why you might be in favour of the kind of wakeboard boats Kelowna natives use is because they’re built for surfing as well as partying, with plenty of legroom for more than a dozen people.


You’ve got a generous budget. Perhaps you’re here for a wedding and Uncle Frank got into the rum last night and said the boat rental is on him, or maybe between the 16 of you, you’ve got a sizeable little pool of funds for your crazy Lake Okanagan adventure. There’s a pretty good price range within our range of wakeboard boat rentals, but you’ll certainly pay a little more for all that horsepower and seating.


Consider other types of Kelowna boat rentals if:

You want to enjoy Lake Okanagan from inside the boat. If you like to keep dry, and tubing, surfing or wakeboarding isn’t on the itinerary, we’ve got a great line-up of eye-catching and high-powered cruising boats so you can set the pace and soak in the stunning orchard views. If so, read our post Kelowna Boat Rentals on Okanagan Lake – Popular Destinations.


You’ve got a smaller group. With seating for seven to 10 people, you can still have quite the gathering on our boats designed for cruising, but perhaps you won’t be able to invite everyone you met at the hotel bar last night.


You’re budget is dialed into the ‘affordable’ zone. Stay out all day for half the cost of renting something with more horsepower when you choose our Chaparral H20 18 Sport, for example, and you’ll probably save on gas too.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a huge surf and an eye-catching ride or just something to skim the waves with at sunset, Downtown Marina has just the right Kelowna boat rental for you.