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Summer Plans?

Kelowna Boat News and Tips

Maybe the idea of waking up at six in the morning to slowly float along the lake makes you want to hit snooze a few dozen times. If you’re more likely to seas the day by going skydiving than watch grass grow, we’ve got just the thing to scratch that summertime adrenaline itch - no matter how big or small your adventuring spirit!

Skim the Lake with a Sea-Doo

Experience exhilaration with the wind in your hair and the water at your fingertips by taking to the water on a jet ski. When you rent with Downtown Maria in Kelowna, we specialize in Sea-Doos, one of the best personal watercraft on the market.

Sea-Doos are simple to operate and highly maneuverable - making it easy to zip along the lake at any speed you like (following regulated speed limits, of course). Plus, it’s a workout for your quads and hamstrings the same way riding a horse can be. But we think the water makes it way more fun.

Surf a Wave on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is just like snowboarding but totally tubular. Strap your feet into a board and ride the waves behind one of our excellent boat rentals And when your arms get tired, try your hand at water tubing.

The safety features of these water toys make them perfect candidates to try out with the whole family. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or diving into the waves for the first time, there’s nothing like getting pulled along the water by a speeding boat while hanging ten.

Make a Beeline for Boating Fun

You don’t have to be inches from the water to have an exhilarating time. Whether you crave a luxury boating experience aboard any of our pontoon boats, are itching for a speed boat rental, or want to pull some excited surfers on our wakeboard boats - any of our rental boats make cruising around Okanagan Lake enjoyable.

We know that just being near the water is key to a happier and more exciting life. Explore the coastline and some incredible sea-nic Kelowna beaches. Drive out to the middle of the lake and take a cool dip. Whatever exciting plans you have for the water, we can make it happen. Just make sure to wear sunscreen during our sunny Okanagan summer!

Ready to add some adrenaline to your summer fun? Check out some of our high-powered rental boats: Luxury Water Vehicles.

Kelowna’s Downtown Marina loves the lake life and wants its passion to be accessible to all. Located in the heart of downtown, getting on the lake has never been more convenient. Visit or stop by to rent your Sea-Doo, wakeboard, and boat rental.