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Don’t Forget Your Boat Rental When Planning Your Summer Vacation

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Enhance your summer vacation with a boating experience at Okanagan Lake

It’s no surprise that Kelowna is (the locals don’t call it Kelownafornia for nothing). With renowned Okanagan , the rails, the , and more, it’s worth spending extra time here.

It’s no surprise that Kelowna is one of the best places to visit in Canada (the locals don’t call it Kelownafornia for nothing). With renowned Okanagan wine tours, the Myra Canyon Park rails, the Kangaroo Farm, and more, it’s worth spending extra time here.

We don’t want to pier pressure you, but with that extra time, we would be sorely remiss if we didn’t share Lake Okanagan with you! Boasting over 140 kilometers from Vernon to Pentiction, a vacation rental boat is essential for a summer vacation in Kelowna. Whether you’re staying with friends, at a hotel, or renting a vacation home, time on the water is a fundamental part of embracing the Kelownafornia vibe.

Explore the Okanagan Valley

Since the lake covers so much ground, why not swap out travel in a stuffy car for a luxurious ride on the water with the sun and breeze in your face? Whether your destination is the Peachland beaches, Penticton dining, or one of Kelowna’s many surfside parks, travel there in style with a marine rental - and remember: it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

If you’re renting a vacation home in the area with a dock or buoy, you can stretch your exploration out by keeping your summer boat rental moored right there! As a special deal for Okanagan Valley rentals, we’ll even deliver your boat directly to you (for a small fee) so you don’t have to wait around before setting out to discover our isolated beaches.

Check out our incredible interactive map when planning your adventure! 

Food Worthy of Seconds

Boating is hard work. From soaking up the sun, anchoring to go swimming, or experiencing the adrenaline of our watersport rentals like wakeboarding or water tubing, you’re bound to work up an appetite.

Good thing we have lots of ferry impressive local beachside restaurants! Check out Oak and Social Kitchen Wine & Bar for fresh Okanagan ingredients and notorious vinos, The Hotel Eldorado for a scrumptious brunch filled with fresh Okanagan fruit, or Salt & Brick for a unique share/small plate dining experience.

Make It Your Own

We get it - vacationing can be expensive. You don’t want to anchor additional costs. This is why local boating rentals are perfect: bring your own food and enjoy a picnic on the Kelowna Lake beaches, ditch the entertainment fees by making your own fun swimming, sunbathing, and boating; even take a break from the water to anchor at a provincial park for a hike.

Intrigued about what it takes to rent a boat? Let us break it down for you even more in our article: Debunking Boat Rental Myths.

Kelowna’s Downtown Marina loves the lake life and wants its passion to be accessible to all. Located in the heart of downtown, getting on the lake has never been more convenient. Visit or stop by to book your boat, wakeboard, or SUP rental.